Welcome to the Uber Experience Town Hall. Here you can post your story as an Uber driver. And as a rider. What new experience did it bring today? This week? Why do you love it? What impressed you the most about your driver day? About your customers? Make it positive. Every month we will draw prizes. If you post and contribute, you might well win some good pocket change (see rules).Be Positive, Spread positivity!

Guidelines for Contribution

Types of contributions relevant here:

1. Any random acts of kindness (e.g., helping a stranger cross the road);
2. Any single instances of volunteer work (solo or as a group);
3. Any non-routine act to keep our surrounding physical public space clean or beautify it;
4. Any non-routine act to save or improve our planet's environment;
5. Kindness to animals;
6. Any effort to uplift a stranger's spirit or bring him/her some moments of comfort or happiness.

Not Suitable/Relevant:

1. Any work for which payment was received.
2. Monetary donation to any charity or any person (although it requires a Big Heart).
3. Donation of personal items you no longer need (although it is certainly a good cause).
4. Help to family and friends (admirable though it is), except when it is exceptional.

What Does "Today" Mean:

It does not literally mean the same day. You can write your post the next day or within the week, or next week. If you haven't done any good deed lately, then, just to get started, share any act done within the last one year. We need you to participate in this blog, no matter how little and how distant your last "contribution" was. And then follow it up with a new one, which means maybe this will motivate you to look for an opportunity to carry out a new act of contribution.

Please try to limit your post to 300 words.

And, yes, you can sign up the names of your pledges even before you post your own contribution.

Thank You.