About the Book

A professor of social sciences travels to 50+ cities across the USA and Canada asking rideshare drivers questions about their driving gig and about how its fits into their life at large.

In conversations, drivers answer Five Big questions:

  1. Why they drive Uber and what is their experience of it?
  2. What is their Day Job and what does it mean to them?
  3. What is their Life like?
  4. What will they do if they won a million-dollar lottery?
    (And will they give up driving Uber?)
  5. What is their philosophy of life?

Truth be told: There are no juicy stories about riders or customers here. And there are no peeves, nor praises for the rideshare companies. Instead It’s a book of positive vibe—drivers describing what makes them enthused about their gigs.

Whether Rideshare is your full-time work now or a side gig, it is important to place it in the larger context of your life. That is a very personal thing for you, dear reader. These 50 drivers share how they see their Uber gig within the larger picture of their life. Some of their answers will amaze you. Some will inspire. All of them make interesting, breezy reading. Read one story a day. Or one a week. Think it over. Then build your own life story—about your rideshare gig and about your life at large. In your own words.

You will also be able to share your story on www.myuberstory.com

The book is a self-gift for your dashboard. 60 photos. 4-color on glossy paper. 6”x9”x0.45” paperback, 144 pages.